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About Tom Moore (Don't Use)

Tom Moore was born in a small country town in the heart of southern Indiana. He spent most of his time outdoors fishing, hiking, and hunting. Starting at the age of 13, he began working on farms and found an appreciation for all of God’s creations. His father taught him to respect the land, and to only hunt animals for the sake of food for his family. And certainly never any animals who were endangered or protected species. His favorite memories are of being in the woods where he found serenity many people long for. And when he moved to Florida, he discovered a passion for boating and met the woman who would be the true love of his life. Part of what brought the couple together, was their shared love of the outdoors.

To support his enthusiasm for the outdoor lifestyle and the managing, protecting, and harvesting of animals, led to his acquiring over 300 acres of land in Southern Indiana. In this natural paradise, deer hunting is taken very seriously, and they only allow the oldest deer to be harvested. This allows the younger deer population to flourish and thrive. One of the purposes for developing Buck Lives Matter and Animal Lives Matter is that he has a passion the health and safety of deer. For this, he plants numerous food plots with clover, alfalfa, radishes, and beans to contribute to the nutrition and health of the deer that roam freely on his land. His biggest enjoyment is being on his tractor planting food plots watching them grow and watching the trail cameras with deer, turkey, and all other animals eating out the organic food plot gardens.  

He has created A Justified Journey Brand to educate people who may not be hunters or outdoorsmen, to better understand controlling the population and ensuring the continued health of animals. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to support this venture, but this allows him to educate and inspire others to feel the serenity and beauty of God’s creation.

Tom and his wife’s vision brought them to Costa Rica, where they developed a love for fishing in the Pacific Ocean for marlin, snapper, and yellowfin tuna, and hiking through the rainforest.

To further A Justified Journey Brand and its message of managing, protecting, harvesting animals and now recycling, Tom has obtained more property in Kentucky by the Ohio River. His goal is to allow proceeds from A Justified Journey Brand to help develop a children’s camp on this property, which will encourage children to feel the freedom of the woods, and the pleasures of nature and wildlife. Tom believes that when the world gets too busy, the best cure is to spend time in nature where you can clear your head.

A Justified Journey Brand and Tom Moore believe in recycling and leaving this planet better than how they found it.

“The most memorable times in my life have been spent talking, hunting, and fishing with my wife, my friends, and my Dad. Memories Like that never fade!” ---Tom Moore